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About Us

About Fairyhub

Fairyhub is a network of services for families seeking for an all-round solution for their children. Fairyhub is listed as Fairyhub General Trading and is based in Kuwait City. Fairyhub is an online store where all play items/toys and educational items can be found in one place. Custom options like wrapping for purchases meant for gifts are available. An events calendarwhere parents can find events taking place inside Kuwait for their children and other family members. Events services is apart of the site where families can organize events through the section and easily setup parties/occasions without much hassle.A blog will be launched soon where expert articles and opinions regarding the wellbeing of children and family in general can befound. A section of the site will have the opportunity for third party service providers to upload posts of their offerings where site visitors can benefit from important content and promotions relevant to their needs.


Our vision is to become Kuwait’ s one stop destination for services related to family; to build a site where families not only come to shop products online, but also benefit from services which are relevant to their needs.

Our Mission

To provide quality products and services to families in Kuwait at competitive rates and improve their lifestyle and increase their efficiency.

Our Goal

To be Kuwait’s #1 destination for families where consumers can benefit from wide range of products and services.