FAQs (Frequently asked questions)




Q1: What is fairyhub?

A1: Fairyhub is an ecommerce business that is built with a goal of helping families to fulfill their children’s needs. Our aim is to create a community that will support families in fulfilling whatever is required by their beloved ones.

Q2: Is buying online through Fairyhub safe?

A2: Yes, We would like to assure our shoppers that Fairyhub general trading is a registered company in Kuwait governed under the laws of State of Kuwait. Fairyhub considers their customers as family members and every purchase that is made is like welcoming a new member to the family.

Q3: How can I contact Customer Service?

A3: You may contact us through the email cs@fairyhub.com or call us at 22070777 during work timings, please check Customer service section for more details.

Q4: What are Fairyhub Event services?

A4: Fairyhub acts as a channel between service seekers and service providers, Event services include but is not limited to: • Party hosting • Face painting • Magicians • Clown • Food carts • DJ • Photographers

Q5: What are Fairyhub boxes?

A5: With modern life’s fast pace, Fairyhub has gone all the way to create custom occasion packages which caters to different occasions, where you can select theme based or color based packages for your loved ones, these packages will contain all the necessary items needed for various occasions/parties. Occasion include but are not limited to: • Baby showers • Birthdays • Graduation parties • Girgiyaan • Giveaways

Q6: How to search for a product?

A6: There is a search box in the top right section of the website where any items of your choice can be searched by their respective item name or item code.

Q7: How to subscribe to Fairyhub Newsletter?

A7: There is a newsletter subscription box on the bottom right section of the website where anyone can subscribe to keep up with the latest offers and trends.

Order Related
Q1: How can I place an order on Fairyhub?

A1: Placing an order with fairyhub is really easy, select the items of your choice, checkout with your items and complete your purchase.

Q2: How will I know if my order has been confirmed?

A2: The order placed by you will be confirmed by a confirmation email right after the order has been placed.

Q3: Is cash on delivery payment available

A3: Yes, cash on delivery on payment is available as a mode of payment.

Q4: I received my order but the outer box was damaged/opened

A4: All boxes and packaging by Fairyhub are inspected in their best condition through a careful quality checking process. However, if any items are delivered whose boxes are damaged or opened, we are glad to take return and replace it. Kindly ensure to place the exchange request before opening the box.

Q5: How do I cancel my order

A5: As long is your item is not dispatched, we can cancel the order on your behalf, however once your item has left the store, you may apply for return of your item but delivery charges will be deducted from the total amount.

Q6: Is there any warranty on the items I purchase from Fairyhub?

A6: There is a 14-day return policy which the customers can avail. However, there is no warranty further than this period unless specified by Fairyhub through a warranty slip or specifically mentioned in the Sales invoice.

Delivery Related
Q1: Do I need to be at home to receive my order?

A1: No, any person can receive the order on your behalf at the delivery address, all orders will have a delivery note and upon receiving, the receiver must sign the delivery note.

Q2: What is your delivery time period?

A2: There are two options: • Orders will be delivered within 4 hours if ordered between Sun to Thu 9:00AM - 2.30PM, Fri & Sat 11:00AM - 2:30PM, unless appointment date / Time has been custom set by the user • Orders after 2:30 PM will be postponed to the next day or as set by appointment. • Carts with Certain Items (large, needs assembly etc.) which are highlighted on our website in the respective product pages will be delivered upon appointment but no more than 3 days.

Q3: Can you deliver to a different Address

A3: Yes, we support a different address than billing address.

Q4: How much do I need to pay for my delivery?

A4: The delivery charge is 1.5 KWD for general items. Some items which has free delivery mentioned in their respective product pages if included in the cart will be delivered free.

Payment Section
Q1: What payment options are accepted

A1: The payment options that are available are Credit card payment which includes K-net, Visa and MasterCard. Cash On Delivery is also Available.

Q2: How long will it take to get my refund?

A2: After proper inspection and making sure all the items are in proper condition, Cash on Delivery based Orders will take at least 3 business working days. For K-net/Credit Card payment, it is dependent on the bank process which may vary case by case.

Account related
Q1: How to create an account

A1: Next to the search box on the top right section of the website, you can find create your account option where you can create an account.

Q2: Why do I need to register an account?

A2: Registration is mandatory for ordering from Fairyhub. This ensures more security and saves required information for future purchases and records all orders in account section of the account.

Q3: What can I do if I forget my password

A3: In case you forgot your password, there is a request link for forgotten password just below the login fields, from here you will be redirected to a page where you can fill in your email account with which you have registered with Fairyhub, a password reset email will be sent directly to your inbox, you may open this mail and complete resetting your password.

Q1: What is your return policy?

A1: The terms of return policy can be found here.

Q2: The items I received are defective, how can I return or exchange?

A2: You may go to order history in account section. Navigate to your order number and select the items you would like to return or exchange and apply for a refund. In case of return, after approval by us, we’ll send our driver to take the return. For exchange, you may place a new order with the item of your choice and ask for a refund for the item you would like to return. We’ll coordinate with our driver to deliver the exchanged items and pick up the returned item at the same time. Note that the exchanged item will be considered as new order.